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The recording process always differs for each project. We produce and engineer recordings in our studio, larger commercial studios and we also able to offer very high quality 64 track mobile location recording for album productions, concerts, TV and more.

DAWs include Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Wavelab and Tracks Live with a large Waves plugin collection.

Recording and mix in up to 96k/32bit and produce masters in all standard formats, including DDP images for CD manufacture, complete with PQ sheet, CD text, Gracenote/CDDB entry and even hidden and data tracks if required.

Here’s a video of an Olly Murs appearance for Fabulous Magazine/The Sun which we provided all the live sound equipment, recording, mix and master for. These projects can run to a tight deadline - from equipment set up on location to the finished audio delivered for video editing was completed in 9 hours!